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25 Years Experience

Since the early '90s, Data Compresion became our passion. We've taken part to great projects, we've built great products, algorithms and technologies. We've helped build, consolidate, grow and scale known brands like NetZip, RealArcade, RealPlayer, RealProducer, PkWare and Jurix.

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What We Do?

We offer Services

Even the all powerful fully-fledged projects need more expert advice:

Data Compression Know-How

Have questions related to Data Compression? You want to integrate Compression in your applications or projects? Please let us know.

Building Products with Compression modules

Will your project handle data that requires special processing or pre-processing? Is your data requiring best compression ratios and/or fastest decompression times?

Designing Algorithms

Do you have a project that requires expert advice? Just let us know and we'll give you our solutions along with our quote

Software construction

We can help you build your project and integrate compression algorithms faster, helping you achieve your deadlines and finalize your projects on time and on budget.

Data Analysis

We can analyze your data and provide you with the best design to handle it more efficiently.

Pre-Construction Design

We can analyze your requirements and give you the best solution for required compression modules.


What Our Client Says

Shawn Scotzin, TL/Architect RealArcade, RealNetworks Inc.

Thank you for your instrumental work on the embedded installer!

Jim Petterson, CTO PkWARE Inc.

We were very happy to hire these guys. At PkWARE, after Phil Katz and Steve Burg has left the company, there was no one left with the advanced knowledge to create and modify such advanced compression algorihtms. Great job on the zlib-compatible libraries. You guys are the best.

Tim Nevero, CTO NetZIP.com

These guys have helped us tremendously in building up our brand and geting from the 3rd to the 2nd in Best of class ZIP Tools. We've strongly defeated PkWARE Zip Products with our flagship product, NetZIP Explorer & NetZIP Download Daemon.

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